Why One Hundred Second Songs?

Project Curator and composer from Dot Dash Music, David Power talks about where the idea for project 'One Hundred Second Songs' started.

When David Lancaster, Hayley Jenkins and myself decided to form Dot Dash Music, we felt that our first project should be fun, intriguing and involve a large number of composers. This meant we had to ask each of them to write short pieces. The idea of songs came up and we toyed with the idea of asking them to each write a one minute song. But I have listened to music in other one minute projects and I felt that it just wasn’t long enough. After some discussion, the idea of 100 Second Songs pinged into my mind. The title was catchy and easy to remember and the duration seemed long enough. We all liked the idea and decided to go for it. When I got home, I picked up a copy of a CD I had led on and delivered in 2012 – Songs Now: British Songs of the 21stCentury. This includes a total of 32 songs by 8 different composers. I checked the durations. If you allow around 10 seconds or so margin of error either way, a quarter of the songs on that CD fit the 100 second songs brief. That seemed a good omen.

The songs are coming in now and we are very excited by the quality and diversity of songs submitted and also of meeting and working with a number of new composers. Dot Dash has its first concert on Saturday 4th April 2020 at the Unitarian Church in York as part of the York Late Music Concert Series. This concert will be devoted to the 100 second songs. The performers will be Anna Snow – soprano – who has had the excellent idea of interspersing the songs with readings of some of the texts. The pianist is Kate Ledger. We hope to see you there.

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