Wind Bag

Composer Piers Hellawell, text by Piers Hellawell

Road Block! Deadlock!
Get it done! we’ve got a deal! Oven-ready!
It’s time to tear down that wall! We were told it was once in a generation!
Punch! Punch through the current deadlock!
We were told it was once in a generation! Forty new hospitals! Four thousand per pupil! Broadband across the whole country!
It’s time for the whole country to get into the cab! In Hades, like Tantalus!
Get it over the line! It’s worse than ridiculous! We can do all of this without putting up taxes! Think of another word!
Roadblock! Deadlock!

Wind Bag was written in December 2019 for Anna Snow to perform as part of the 100 Second Song project. The title refers of course to the lungs that power the human voice, the enabler of this project; the project itself surely pays tribute to the immense history of human song inspired by the voice over the centuries. The text, by the composer, is a collage of various political utterances put into the public domain during the 2019 U.K. General Election.