To Clean Your Head

Composer René Mayoral, words from a shampoo bottle

wet hair
if contact / if contact occurs
rinse eyes thoroughly
help by massage onto scalp
everytime / everytime
massage onto / massage onto scalp
massage onto
repeat if desired / repeat if desired

keep this and all drugs out of the reach of children

shake before use
shake / shake before
shake before use
shake before
shake before use / shake before use
shake be
shake before

if condition worsens
or does not improve

"It's for people like you that shampoo bottles have instructions" This is a common phrase to make fun of stupid people. I never felt attacked by this until, a couple months ago and in a very unexpected way (I am from México and atheist), I moved to Jerusalem to study. Without knowledge of Hebrew or Arabic, no matter how many instructions I find in bottles, I just can't understand anything. I decided to set to music some fragments of the shampoo instructions as an homage to all the involuntary stupid people in the eyes of the wrong judges.