Song for Louis Wain

Composer David Power, poet Steven Meek

II from 'Three Poems for Louise Wain' by Steven Meek

All the broken robots come to me
With rusted-up parts, and misfiring hearts
Black dots where their eyes should be.

All the broken artists come to me
With tormented minds, their faces deep-lined
By visions of things still to be.

All the broken robots come to me
With anger and shame, and world famous names
White space where their hearts should be.

Louis Wain (1860 - 1939) was an English artist best known for his depiction of cats doing very human activities. I have liked his work for many years and, at one stage we had a Maine Coon cat named after him. When Steven Meek read his Three Poems for Louis Wain at an Open Mic event in Cleethorpes Library, I knew immediately that I wanted to set the middle one to music and Steve kindly gave me permission to do this. I hope people enjoy the song and that it inspires people to find out more about Wain's impressive artwork.

Song for Louis WainComposer David Power, poet Steven Meek
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