Composer Benjamin Tassie, poet Jacqueline Saphra

What dream is streaming from your eyes?
Incredible, a stream that never dries.
I long to lick the panic
from your cheeks:
Inhale your fading daylight

I want to touch and taste your secret mouth
Suck the sorrow from you
I can fill your emptiness
with plastic sighs
This is a paradise where nobody cries

Welcome to tomorrow
I’ll feed you any fire you like
What do you like?
Let’s begin.

Originally written for the National Opera Studio’s 40th Anniversary celebrations, ‘Salvage’ sees the charming and lustful Aegir receive a mute visitor to the sanctuary of their family’s Ark. Set after an apocalyptic flood, Ageir and their kin live among the salvaged ruins of their opulent, former lives, medicated, hedonistic, but unsatisfied.

SalvageComposer Benjamin Tassie, poet Jacqueline Saphra
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