Composer Emily Doolittle, text Eric Satie

Se bien lever
Se bien tenir
Se bien coiffer
Se bien regarder
Se bien promener
Se bien porter
Wake up nicely
Stand up nicely
Comb your hair nicely
Look at yourself nicely
Behave yourself nicely
Take a walk nicely
Care for yourself nicely

Many of Erik Satie’s piano works have cryptic texts mixed in with the music. It can be unclear whether these are intended to be spoken by the pianist, or simply as enigmatic performance instructions, but they are witty and poetic, and deserve to be heard! Nicely is part of a set of three songs based on some of these texts, to complement a program of songs by Satie.
The text is by Erik Satie, and is not a poem per se, but comes from his piano piece Petit prélude à la journée.

Though the words are probably Satie's notes on his own morning routine, I've interpreted them from the point of view of a child getting increasingly frustrated by parental demands!

NicelyComposer Emily Doolittle, text Eric Satie
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