Composer Flora Geißelbrecht, poet Mascha Kaléko

From Feine Pflänzchen (Delicate Plantlets) by Mascha Kaléko

The piece “Karotten” is part of the cycle “Junges Gemüse”, which can be translated to English as “young vegetables” as well as “greenhorns”, which is a self-ironic reference to the composer´s young age, 17 years, at the time of writing it. The words are short, very pointed and humoristic poems, taken from german-jewish poet Mascha Kaléko´s collection “Feine Pflänzchen”, which translates as “Delicate Plantlets”. It was commissioned by the Austrian soprano Anna Maria Pammer and premiered in 2012. Since then, many vocalists have found joy in the chichi priggish agitation of Madame de Pompadour.

KarottenComposer Flora Geißelbrecht, poet Mascha Kaléko
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