Composer David Lancaster, poet John Goodby

Blue silk slats slander perfume
Tied with a fist conversation
A fishbone in the mirror a grave
Walking in the dark turning-point
It is a lion cathedral decline

John Goodby’s poem is from his collection The No Breath - which Ian Brinton described as ‘a moment caught, a slot, a windowlet, a suggestive sense of something lying beyond the immediate’. It was factored from other pre-existing texts using selective processes (not entirely dissimilar to ‘cut-up’ technique), to create an abstract yet strangely poignant miniature. To mirror that process I have taken musical ideas from some of my own earlier songs and woven them together to create something new. John Goodby is a leading authority on Dylan Thomas and Professor of Creative Writing at Sheffield Hallam University.

CourtComposer David Lancaster, poet John Goodby
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