Composer Nick Williams, poet Sandra Alland

From Blissful Times, © Sandra Alland 2007

A) a) About actually all appear.
Ask (asking asking…) at be.
Be creature: deal does fellow for great,
hardly. He, heart in, indeed into it.
It left less.
Look, moon!
Moon needs not of one other –
Peace, peace perhaps possible.
See/seem the (the the…)
Then think this time:
Times to (to to…) what, when, whereas.
Would you your?

BFILLSSU EIMST is from an ongoing project, Blissful Times – an extended ‘song cycle’ for voice, ensemble and multimedia, setting ‘translations’ of a treated found text from Samuel Beckett’s Happy Days, morphing it into different poetic forms, emotional states and different media (including film and photography). I was asked to write a song for 100SS (I actually cheated and wrote two; the pianist plays another of the poems in a translation into Morse code…) and used it as an opportunity to start work on the long-planned project of turning Sandra’s book into a kind of evening-length ‘entertainment’.

BFILLSSU EIMSTComposer Nick Williams, poet Sandra Alland
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