Against the Land

Composer Mark Slater, poet Iris Murdoch

Text TBC

Linda Kelly’s poignant folksong about the ‘Triple Trawler Tragedy’ in 1968, which claimed the lives of 58 trawlermen from Hull, tells the tale of an untameable, exacting sea. Iris Murdoch’s The Sea, The Sea lends the water healing, welcoming properties as it ‘leans quietly against the land’. This line, taken from the very opening of Murdoch’s novel, provides all of the text for this song, which invokes the harmonic and lilting rhythmic framework of the folksong. I set out to do as little as possible in 100 seconds; a muted, barely-there reflection on two very different aspects of the sea.

Against the LandComposer Mark Slater, poet Iris Murdoch
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